Schiller was founded on the daring belief that a blue planet is meant for biking. We want to give people of all athletic abilities the most exhilarating and dynamic cycling experience riding the world’s most advanced water bike. Our commitment to design, technology, safety and engineering, matched with a passion for all things aquatic, is what guides us each and every day. With nearly one billion bikes around the globe built for land, our eyes are singularly focused on the trailblazing voyages, weekend expeditions and incredible sunset spins on a new aquatic terrain. Schiller Bikes is headquartered in Mill Valley, California. The ride doesn’t end at the water’s edge.



Judah Schiller

Founder CEO

In 2013, Judah Schiller became the first person in history to bike across the San Francisco Bay and Hudson River. What started as a socially innovative statement to the biking community spurned the pioneering idea that water sport enthusiasts and cyclists alike could enjoy water biking purely for sport, recreation and fun. And so Schiller Sports, Inc was launched to design and manufacture the most advanced water bike ever created, giving people an entirely new way to enjoy oceans, seas, lakes, canals and rivers around the globe. A water sports enthusisast at heart, Judah was a CEO and co-Founder of both Saatchi & Saatchi S and AIKO, a design & innovation agency based in San Francisco. In both roles, he has successfully helped major brands develop and launch new consumer products and build engaged communities. He lives in Mill Valley with his three kids.


Brad Knop


Brad has over 25 years of experience successfully managing the operations of a variety of technology, software, lifestyle and financial services companies. The early part of Brad’s career was in marketing at First Deposit (which later became Providian), where he directed the main business units within the company over the course of 8 years including new account acquisition, customer retention and product development. At Providian (15,000 employees/ $30B Assets), Brad developed multiple product areas including several that became core business lines within the company – leading one from 0 to over 1,000 employees and over $1b in assets under management. Brad’s ability to calmly manage chaos resulted in the successful development of Providian’s international division – spending 2 years developing products/markets in Mumbai, India as well as other parts of Asia and Europe. Among many other leadership roles, Brad is the former CEO and current board member of the socially responsible, outdoor lifestyle/bicycle company, Xtracycle.



Schiller is a family business based on respect, freedom of expression, positivity, creativity and a love of water biking. Every person who works at Schiller shares a common aspiration – to inspire and excite people of all ages around the world with the joy and freedom of water biking. For us, it’s much more than just creating the world’s most advanced water bike. It’s about building a global water biking community that everyone can be a part of.


Nothing matters more to us than the safety and well being of our customers. Every employee at Schiller is committed to engineering the safest water bike in production and educating our customers on best practices for enjoying and respecting the open water. Our simple mantra is: always wear a personal floatation device (“PFD”) and understand water conditions before going out for a ride.


When we set out to create the world’s most unique riding experience we simply weren’t willing to compromise. Our obsession to innovate an entirely new form of cycling and water sport simultaneously has been a driving force since our doors first opened. And it will continue to carry us forward into the future as we develop new technology, products and features to make riding a Schiller bike an experience without comparison.


We are dedicated to sustainability and protecting the marine environment – oceans, seas, lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps and streams – and the marine life that inhabits them. Working with the broader Schiller community, we will support initiatives that aim to support these ecosystems and ensure future generations of water bikers can enjoy memorable rides across clean and vibrant aquatic playgrounds. At the same time, our long term vision is squarely fixed on leveraging our technology and engineering to improve the lives of people in the developing world living in water based communities.

And we are only just beginning….