Amazing Places to Reboot Your Soul

The U.S. is filled with enough lakes, rivers and other waterways for the lucky Schiller rider to enjoy, but sometimes what we crave is a new place to meander.

You know it when it happens. Suddenly you feel muddled, your head cluttered, racing with projects and deadlines. You close your eyes and envision yourself in a quiet place reconnecting with the natural world. The sound of tree branches rustling in the wind, a majestic blue heron in flight overhead, the meadowlark song arising from a lakeside meadow, the rhythm of water lapping the shore. The serenity of profound calm that can only be found on a flat-water paradise.

Here are just three spots (we’re sure you have your own secret waters) to reboot your soul, take out the Schiller S1, pedal and relax. Sometimes no workout is required, rather what we need is some fresh air where the heart and soul can unwind while taking in the beauty that surrounds us.

The Green river, beginning at Flaming Gorge in the northeast corner of Utah is a long (and sometimes turbulent) river but Labyrinth Canyon’s remote easy, flat-water stretch is perfect for those wanting to take their time and explore the breathtaking red rock canyons, gray and blue shale, sandstone domes, as well as its wilderness of burnt oranges and desert reds. Take your time, reboot your soul, unwind, and best of all, take your time. Plan on spending at least four days exploring the surrounding beauty. Embrace the stillness.

California has a rich bounty of places for those wanting to get away. One of those places is the breathtaking Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, (home to a thousand motor boats) and yet the Delta also has the Cosumnes River, the last remaining free-flowing river in California's Central Valley. This fairly hidden wetlands preserve, managed by the Nature Conservancy, as well as private and public partners, encompasses 46,000 acres of gorgeous wetlands.

Pedal past shorebirds and oak savannas. With more than 40 kinds of fish, and over 250 different species of birds, this preserve is just the ticket for a little soul-regeneration. Bask in the glow of an orange-red sunset, turn off your phone and listen to the songbirds.

Another place to take the scenic route is Washington’s Black River Preserve, southwest of Olympia. This mostly undisturbed and meandering river is a perfect place to set your soul free as you pedal through these remote waters. As one of most important wildlife and fish habitats in Washington, it really is a place where the fish are jumping.

While there are different sorts of watercraft from which you can enjoy the scenery, the Schiller S1 water bike has the advantage of sitting just above water, allowing you to observe the wildlife on the shores. While you pedal out into the calm waters, a wonderful rhythm resonates throughout your body, connecting you with the natural world. Because the Schiller S1 only takes 10 minutes from shore to water, that means more time to pedal away and breathe deeply.

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