Baby Boomers Pedal Into the Blue

As Baby Boomers, staying fit has always been an important part of our daily routine. We make a celebration of eating right, exercising and enjoying our down time with friends and family. We’ve learned to embrace each day for what it has to offer, toasting the little moments that add up to make a life.

Staying “Forever Young” also means giving up some of our more strenuous “younger self” regimens, so that we may continue to enjoy our active lifestyles for many years to come.

As we look for alternatives to our well-worn exercise routines, we also want something that sparks our imagination and calms the soul without sacrificing our love of adventure and open air.


Enter the revolutionary Schiller S1 water bike. Giving you a low-impact workout beyond the water’s edge, you’ll enjoy an incredible biking experience like no other.

Pedaling the lightweight, Schiller S1, with its sleek innovative design and simple learning curve couldn’t be easier, or more fun. Forget the potholes, hard bumps and dangerous roads. No blistered hands and sore shoulders from paddling. Take a pass on the crowded, sweaty gym. Get yourself out onto the water…and into the blue.