Where to Find your Next Adventure

<p>Adventure. Just the word alone conjures up possibilities, a quest into the unknown but adventure has as many nuances as ways to approach them, and each pursuit connects us to ourselves and the world around us, inspiring us to find our own explorations. There is the adventure of fine wines and finer whiskies, of riding the water in Inverness, Scotland, or possibly finding a connection with your inner Yogi on Big Sur’s stunning cliffs. It could be you want the lion’s share on Safari with meals fit for a gourmand. There are times we need to shake the cobwebs off our daydreams and make way for possibility from dream to doer. Adventure take us out of our comfort zones, we learn and develop new skills, and when we carry those sensations out into the world, we are renewed, transformed and fundamentally are changed. We go back to our daily lives, with a new sense of perspective. Here are five adventures awaiting you. If you love great food, day markets and are a connoisseur of fine wines and also want to explore, maybe it’s time to book some travel time with Micato Safaris, A Saveur Culinary Award winner There, you can book an African adventure, explore Nairobi’s local markets and visit LEWA, a wildlife conservancy, home to some of Africa's endangered species, including the black rhino and Grevy's zebra. Does your idea of the ultimate escape involve whiskey at the end of the day? The Nip – Whisky &amp; Gin Festival (plan for next year as it’s going on now) in Inverness, Scotland might be just the place to imbibe after a sweet day of SUP or water biking the waters of Inverness and Loch Ness. Hang out with the locals and sip an ale at Dores Inn; bring home some stories worth repeating or go on your own dragon/monster search and come back with your own tale to tell. If the mind-body-spirit-heart connection is key to rejuvenating your soul, Esalen, a retreat in Big Sur hits all the right spots. From yoga workshops and amazing massages to Esalen’s many workshops and breathtaking cliff-side hot springs, this adventure is for those that believe learning is always awe-inspiring. Ready for an adventure that’s both exhilarating and history-making? Join the Schiller Bike crew in Cuba this fall, for a once-in-a-lifetime trip from Havana, Cuba to Key West in Florida. That’s 100 miles of travel in 24 hours. With only two openings, this is for those that believe making history is the ultimate frontier.

14 Ways the S1 is the New Black

Here are 14 reasons to fall in love, unapologetically, with the Schiller S1.

1. Freedom from the road coupled with the freedom of open water, the S1 creates an experience that’s not easily forgotten. No looking over your shoulder for cars, no crowded bike paths, just the exhilarating blue stretching out before you like an uncharted road.

2. The S1 is all about human power, which translates into green transportation. The S1 takes you to places you’ve only imagined.

3. Looking for an adventure of your own? Want to discover your own secret cove? Experience the S1 and you’ll wonder what took you so long.

4. Ready for some exhilaration? Want to feel your blood pumping? Chase away your winter blues and release those feel-good endorphins (plus boost your sex drive).

5. Exercising on the S1 is a sure way to help increase your energy and stamina but you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the S1. Those with back or shoulder issues will love riding the S1. Low impact workout never felt so good.

6. Learning curve? There is none (assuming you know how to ride a bike).

7. Getting wet not your thing? You won’t tip over on the S1’s epic engineered pontoons. Really.

8. Picnic on the water? Absolutely. Pack up that fancy sandwich and favorite beverage, then make your way out to watch the sun dance on the water. Pure delight.

9 Don’t want to spend hours getting ready to be on the water? The S1 takes less than 10 minutes to assemble and disassemble which translates to more time pedaling out on the blue.

10. Worried about storage? Stop. Just stop. The S1’s small footprint means you can store it in your closet or the trunk of your car.

11. Bird-watcher? You’re in luck. What better way to get up close and personal with a toucan than to pedal right into the mangrove with your binoculars and camera?

12. Maybe you prefer fishing. That perfect watering hole where the fish are jumping is easy to find on the S1. Sit back, throw a line out and wait for the bite.

13. Simple pleasures in life shouldn’t be hard to find. Riding the S1 is great way to unwind and get back in touch with your inner joy. Don’t worry, be happy. Riding next to dolphins on the S1 is unparalleled bliss.

14. Ready to go? The Schiller S1, the ultimate water bike is on Kickstarter at a special price. Don’t miss out. Pedal into the blue and onto a new frontier.

Hello Havana!

Before the floodgates completely open, get to Cuba! It was the 1959 revolution that put Fidel Castro in power and changed everything, but now things are looking somewhat different as the separation between the US and Cuba begins to give way. Changes are already happening and the Schiller Bike Team is preparing for an epic ride this coming fall from Havana to Key West.

Havana is still a place where you can find chrome-shined Chevy Bel Air’s and long finned Pontiacs cruising the older sections of town where the glamour of “days gone by” is evident in the faded pastels of buildings. Here are just a few things to do while you’re there:

Havana’s 8 km long sea drive, El Malecón, is considered one of the city’s romantic boulevards. Go for an evening walk, sit on the sea wall with the many locals and listen to the musicians playing their instruments. Maybe you’ll get the serenade you’ve always wished for.

Museo Napoleónico, in downtown Havana, is considered one of Havana’s favorite attractions and it’s not hard to see why. The building, opened in 1961, holds over 7000 artifacts associated with the life of Napoleon Bonaparte and includes several Napoleonic death masks made by his personal physician, just days after the emperor’s death. Set over four floors, this collection is a must-see for history buffs.

Fabrica de Arte Cubano, an art gallery/pub/concert venue is a fantastic (and fairly new) addition to the Habana art, music and culture social scene. Located in a converted peanut oil factory in Vedado, this project, by famous Cuban musician Alfonso, attracts a hip and local crowd.

Looking for some beach time? There are more than 60 miles of beaches stretching along the Playas del Este and only 20 minutes away from the city. The most popular of Havana’s east beaches include Bacuranao, Mégano, Santa María, Boca Ciega and Guanabo, each with their own distinct flavor. While not completely unspoiled or quiet, these white sand beaches have a lively rhythm in the summer, with vendors hawking food and beverages, as eclectic Cuban musicians set up impromptu jams along the beach.

Did you know that Schiller Team is planning a ride of a lifetime? Havana to Key West on the S1. Pretty amazing. With only two spots open, this will be a historic first with 100 miles of open water to pedal. Support the S1 and sign up for this epic ride on Kickstarter.

Clean Tech and Great Green Inventions

From fun to fantastic, serious philanthropy to pure gratification, clean technology, and green innovation are on the rise.

Beginning with simple solar ovens that make salt water drinkable, to a bridge in Barcelona, Spain that will be paved with smog-eating concrete, to companies that are working on harnessing the power of the waves and clean tech water vehicles, innovation is the name of the game.

As a grad student at Milan Polytechnic in 2005, Gabriele Diamanti became increasingly fascinated with global water scarcity. He designed a simple open-source solar still, the Eliodomestico (, to tackle a problem that many developing countries face, a lack of clean water. Diamanti’s still can be simply built, has zero operating cost and works like an upside down coffee maker to create fresh drinking water. What a concept!

Barcelona, Spain home to the rather plain Sarajevo Bridge, is getting ready to go through a transformation that will not only beautify it but also include a smog-eating concrete called “photocatalytic concrete," which uses the sun’s energy as it hits the road to break down pollutants and neutralize them. Crazy, right? The bridge plans also include living green walls, as well as solar panels to power LED lights. All these sustainable green technologies are worth keeping an eye on as the bridge plans move forward.

Sea Wave Energy Limited (SWEL) is focused on designing renewable energy technologies, specifically, harnessing the power of the waves. SWEL has developed a low-cost, high-output method to extract wave energy using a series of interlinked platforms, called waveline magnets. They’re an interesting company to watch as they continue to test and refine their platforms.

Helios, an innovative solar-powered sailing yacht is something to behold. Developed for the Young Designer of the Year 2015 contest organized by Boat International Media, the eco-friendly yacht harvest solar power through its flexible solar cell clad sails. The 2,500 solar panels can generate a power of circa 355 kWh that can be accumulated in storage batteries placed in the engine room.

Another innovation is the Schiller S1, a water bike that can go from land to water in less than 10 minutes, with a sleek design that allows the lucky rider to pedal into the open blue and discover another world around them. Human-powered, the S1 is not only a great way to exercise, but also an awesome way to enjoy the open water without fumes getting in the way.

The Kickstarter for the Schiller S1 is happening now and we need your support! Consider it a pledge to clean tech and innovation.

Ingenious Inventors of Amazing Aquatic Bicycles

We are a world of inventors, tinkerers, engineers. Many of us love nothing more than taking apart a machine and figuring out how to put it back together—better. From steam engines and wristwatches to a toaster that won’t burn our bread, we’re always messing with design. That’s how the Schiller S1 came into being.

By whatever name you choose to call it, whether it’s water bike, hydrocycle or the more tangled, but romantic name, aquatic velocipede, all of these devices were at their heart, creations of deep desire and design.

These inventors all wanted and tried to figure out ways to move the bicycle off land and into the water. These inventors fused, and fabricated, and imagined a different way to sightsee, exercise, even fish. Our early pioneers.

Some of the earliest designs for water bikes, going back to the mid 1800’s, resembled tortured bits of wire and strangulated hoses, contraptions of such cumbersome design (and some of unfailing comical beauty), brandished sails, oversized wheels, wooden paddles strapped to boots, heavy pontoons and even exaggerated fins. Their odd beauty resembled a steampunk dream.

There have been challenges along the way to create a design that melds the sleekness of a road bike with reliable flotation design, until now. The Schiller S1’s clean, sexy design doesn’t scream “theme park,” instead it's a sweet glide into waters that beg to be explored.

Our Schiller S1 has launched and we’re looking for some love. Show your support for innovation and design by backing us. Let’s make it happen (and please share)!

Amazing Places to Reboot Your Soul

The U.S. is filled with enough lakes, rivers and other waterways for the lucky Schiller rider to enjoy, but sometimes what we crave is a new place to meander.

You know it when it happens. Suddenly you feel muddled, your head cluttered, racing with projects and deadlines. You close your eyes and envision yourself in a quiet place reconnecting with the natural world. The sound of tree branches rustling in the wind, a majestic blue heron in flight overhead, the meadowlark song arising from a lakeside meadow, the rhythm of water lapping the shore. The serenity of profound calm that can only be found on a flat-water paradise.

Here are just three spots (we’re sure you have your own secret waters) to reboot your soul, take out the Schiller S1, pedal and relax. Sometimes no workout is required, rather what we need is some fresh air where the heart and soul can unwind while taking in the beauty that surrounds us.

The Green river, beginning at Flaming Gorge in the northeast corner of Utah is a long (and sometimes turbulent) river but Labyrinth Canyon’s remote easy, flat-water stretch is perfect for those wanting to take their time and explore the breathtaking red rock canyons, gray and blue shale, sandstone domes, as well as its wilderness of burnt oranges and desert reds. Take your time, reboot your soul, unwind, and best of all, take your time. Plan on spending at least four days exploring the surrounding beauty. Embrace the stillness.

California has a rich bounty of places for those wanting to get away. One of those places is the breathtaking Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta, (home to a thousand motor boats) and yet the Delta also has the Cosumnes River, the last remaining free-flowing river in California's Central Valley. This fairly hidden wetlands preserve, managed by the Nature Conservancy, as well as private and public partners, encompasses 46,000 acres of gorgeous wetlands.

Pedal past shorebirds and oak savannas. With more than 40 kinds of fish, and over 250 different species of birds, this preserve is just the ticket for a little soul-regeneration. Bask in the glow of an orange-red sunset, turn off your phone and listen to the songbirds.

Another place to take the scenic route is Washington’s Black River Preserve, southwest of Olympia. This mostly undisturbed and meandering river is a perfect place to set your soul free as you pedal through these remote waters. As one of most important wildlife and fish habitats in Washington, it really is a place where the fish are jumping.

While there are different sorts of watercraft from which you can enjoy the scenery, the Schiller S1 water bike has the advantage of sitting just above water, allowing you to observe the wildlife on the shores. While you pedal out into the calm waters, a wonderful rhythm resonates throughout your body, connecting you with the natural world. Because the Schiller S1 only takes 10 minutes from shore to water, that means more time to pedal away and breathe deeply.

Our Schiller S1 Kickstarter has launched and we need your support. Now is the time to make the dream happen for Schiller Bikes, please back us and share!

Tying the Knot but Have Enough Towels?

Tying the knot soon, but feeling ho-hum about the traditional registries? Are you prepared to spend a long afternoon crawling aisles with a scanner gun?

Is your mind wandering to the Polynesian island of Bora Bora, an unspoiled paradise, where you’ve booked your honeymoon? Already wishing that you could stay longer? What if even one day there could be spent biking the sapphire lagoon from the shore of the white sand beach outside your bungalow to the coral reef teaming with vibrant marine life?

While there are all kinds of registries to help newlyweds settle into their new life (and not so new lives) together, there are only so many plates, blenders, and wine paraphernalia your counter can handle.

Today, alternative registries are widely available; from honeymoon funds like to charity registries that are truly worthy of your love…However, if you already have everything that’s needed to set up house, maybe you’d like to register for something to get you out of the house and onto the water.

Here’s an idea for you…on a planet that’s over two-thirds water, isn’t it time to check out what’s going on beyond the water’s edge? What could be more of stress-buster, than being out in the open water, the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, the sky overhead?

The Schiller S1, with its sexy design, premium components, and lightweight frame takes under 10 minutes from car to water, which means more time on the wide-open blue with your partner. A perfect gift for those who want to discover the water’s frontier.

Our Schiller S1 Kickstarter campaign has launched, and includes a pre-sale price to spur your family and friends to give you both what you really want; time together, because, after all, two is better than one. Find that secret beach or head out into the bay and take in the city’s skyline from a perspective that will amaze you. Bike a blue planet. Oh, and many congrats!

Find Your Bliss and Health on the Water

Tired of the usual workout after a long day of schedules, phone calls, and meetings? Ready to unwind but done with the studio and crave be in the great outdoors?

We know humans thrive when connected with nature; that our bodies, minds, and spirits require a place to reenergize; it’s crucial to our happiness. We need a place where we can unwind and exercise, a place that’s as inspiring as it is calming.

That place begins beyond the water’s edge. Whether it’s the ocean, a lake, river or some super-secret cove that energizes your spirit, being out in the open water helps us center ourselves. We breathe deeply under the enormous sky.

What if we could, instead of leaving our bikes on the shore, take a bike out into the water, pedal over blue swells, connect with our wild selves as well as the world around us, watch as birds circle and swoop from incredible angles above.

Clean, sustainable and human powered, the Schiller S1 water bike is truly revolutionary. An epic ride in so many ways, we pedal away from the shore and experience our tense muscles give way to the pedal’s rhythm, our stagnant energies melting away. We feel nourished.

In a world that’s always in a rush to get somewhere, riding the S1 water bike is not only an awesome way to shed the day’s stresses and unclutter our minds, but also a great way to get back in touch with the best part of ourselves. We are both wiser and more primal than we give ourselves credit for.

This is mind-body health working at its finest.

Simply being on the S1, pedaling across the water, creates an unforced mindfulness as you breathe deeply. You are here, at this moment, in synch with your body and like yoga, pedaling the S1 offers you a way to build strength, improves your balance, gain energy and vitality, as well as providing cardio health…all while leaving the mat behind.

The Schiller S1 is an adventure worth exploring, a way to realize optimal health and wellness. We agree with our friends at Positively Positive, ( when they say “Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life.”

Our Kickstarter campaign for the S1 just launched, and a limited number of bikes will be available at an early-bird price. Come on by and support us at and share with friends!

In a world that’s close to two-thirds water, isn’t it time we explore this final frontier?

Summer Dreaming

Had enough of winter? Maybe you’re doodling on napkins, and dreaming up summer plans or picturing a bike ride around, say, Lake Tahoe? Only the more you think about that awesome ride, the more you start dreading the inevitable traffic, crowded bike lanes and exhaust fumes spewing out from the cars around you. Are your eyes burning yet?

With approximately 1 billion bikes built for land on a planet that is over two-thirds water, the time has come for a revolution in cycling and water sports. Now there’s another place to spin your wheels….or rather propeller.

The Schiller S1 is leading the way with its bold (dare we say, “sexy”) design, premium components and lightweight frame that takes under 10 minutes to go from car to water. No matter your athletic ability, it’s easy to look great while you Schiller across the water

So why ride around the lake when you can pedal your bike over water? Our Schiller S1 Kickstarter campaign launches this month and includes a special early-bird price to spur you into rockin’ any ocean, cove, lake, river, channel or canal. .

Learning curve? Zilch. If you know how to ride a bike, well, you still do. Easy to ride and when you’re done, simple to stash. Unlike almost any other watercraft, the Schiller S1 easily fits into the closet of an urban dweller and the trunks of most cars.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

While you’re daydreaming, visualize this: pedaling the amazing Playa Danta in Costa Rica alongside sea turtles and secluded beaches. More of a city dweller? How about riding up the Hudson this summer with the Manhattan skyline by your side…Inspired? So are we.

March 3, 2015

Baby Boomers Pedal Into the Blue

As Baby Boomers, staying fit has always been an important part of our daily routine. We make a celebration of eating right, exercising and enjoying our down time with friends and family. We’ve learned to embrace each day for what it has to offer, toasting the little moments that add up to make a life.

Staying “Forever Young” also means giving up some of our more strenuous “younger self” regimens, so that we may continue to enjoy our active lifestyles for many years to come.

As we look for alternatives to our well-worn exercise routines, we also want something that sparks our imagination and calms the soul without sacrificing our love of adventure and open air.


Enter the revolutionary Schiller S1 water bike. Giving you a low-impact workout beyond the water’s edge, you’ll enjoy an incredible biking experience like no other.

Pedaling the lightweight, Schiller S1, with its sleek innovative design and simple learning curve couldn’t be easier, or more fun. Forget the potholes, hard bumps and dangerous roads. No blistered hands and sore shoulders from paddling. Take a pass on the crowded, sweaty gym. Get yourself out onto the water…and into the blue.


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