Hassle Free Riding

For over a century, inventors have been pursuing ways to achieve that sense of joy, simplicity and freedom that comes with riding a bike, only out on the open water.  Why? Well, there is something uniquely special about doing something as familiar as riding a bike without all the distractions and hazards found in populated cities and communities.  No cars, no buses, no narrow bike lanes, potholes or being wedged to the side of the road.  No fear factor.  

I recently had a friend of mine come out for a ride.  A vibrant, professional, health conscious woman and mother of two, she had been in a minor accident a while back while doing the local "loop" that left her bruised and scraped.  It was then that she decided to give up road biking - just too risky.  She spent a good couple hours riding in front of our offices which face the water.  At some point I could see her riding hands free and taking a few pictures while she continued pedaling.  When she came back, her face was lit up.  When I asked her what she thought, she replied "It was the first time in my life I've ever gone for a bike ride and didn't feel like I had to look over my shoulder every few seconds or be constantly on the was just totally peaceful"  We talked for a while about her experience, the kind of birds she saw out there, the sunlight on the water and the views of the hillside homes along the shoreline... We left it with her wanting to bring out her friends from spinning class to do a group ride - all side by side for the first time instead of single file line...


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