Find Your Bliss and Health on the Water

Tired of the usual workout after a long day of schedules, phone calls, and meetings? Ready to unwind but done with the studio and crave be in the great outdoors?

We know humans thrive when connected with nature; that our bodies, minds, and spirits require a place to reenergize; it’s crucial to our happiness. We need a place where we can unwind and exercise, a place that’s as inspiring as it is calming.

That place begins beyond the water’s edge. Whether it’s the ocean, a lake, river or some super-secret cove that energizes your spirit, being out in the open water helps us center ourselves. We breathe deeply under the enormous sky.

What if we could, instead of leaving our bikes on the shore, take a bike out into the water, pedal over blue swells, connect with our wild selves as well as the world around us, watch as birds circle and swoop from incredible angles above.

Clean, sustainable and human powered, the Schiller S1 water bike is truly revolutionary. An epic ride in so many ways, we pedal away from the shore and experience our tense muscles give way to the pedal’s rhythm, our stagnant energies melting away. We feel nourished.

In a world that’s always in a rush to get somewhere, riding the S1 water bike is not only an awesome way to shed the day’s stresses and unclutter our minds, but also a great way to get back in touch with the best part of ourselves. We are both wiser and more primal than we give ourselves credit for.

This is mind-body health working at its finest.

Simply being on the S1, pedaling across the water, creates an unforced mindfulness as you breathe deeply. You are here, at this moment, in synch with your body and like yoga, pedaling the S1 offers you a way to build strength, improves your balance, gain energy and vitality, as well as providing cardio health…all while leaving the mat behind.

The Schiller S1 is an adventure worth exploring, a way to realize optimal health and wellness. We agree with our friends at Positively Positive, ( when they say “Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life.”

Our Kickstarter campaign for the S1 just launched, and a limited number of bikes will be available at an early-bird price. Come on by and support us at and share with friends!

In a world that’s close to two-thirds water, isn’t it time we explore this final frontier?