Ingenious Inventors of Amazing Aquatic Bicycles

We are a world of inventors, tinkerers, engineers. Many of us love nothing more than taking apart a machine and figuring out how to put it back together—better. From steam engines and wristwatches to a toaster that won’t burn our bread, we’re always messing with design. That’s how the Schiller S1 came into being.

By whatever name you choose to call it, whether it’s water bike, hydrocycle or the more tangled, but romantic name, aquatic velocipede, all of these devices were at their heart, creations of deep desire and design.

These inventors all wanted and tried to figure out ways to move the bicycle off land and into the water. These inventors fused, and fabricated, and imagined a different way to sightsee, exercise, even fish. Our early pioneers.

Some of the earliest designs for water bikes, going back to the mid 1800’s, resembled tortured bits of wire and strangulated hoses, contraptions of such cumbersome design (and some of unfailing comical beauty), brandished sails, oversized wheels, wooden paddles strapped to boots, heavy pontoons and even exaggerated fins. Their odd beauty resembled a steampunk dream.

There have been challenges along the way to create a design that melds the sleekness of a road bike with reliable flotation design, until now. The Schiller S1’s clean, sexy design doesn’t scream “theme park,” instead it's a sweet glide into waters that beg to be explored.

Our Schiller S1 has launched and we’re looking for some love. Show your support for innovation and design by backing us. Let’s make it happen (and please share)!