Summer Dreaming

Had enough of winter? Maybe you’re doodling on napkins, and dreaming up summer plans or picturing a bike ride around, say, Lake Tahoe? Only the more you think about that awesome ride, the more you start dreading the inevitable traffic, crowded bike lanes and exhaust fumes spewing out from the cars around you. Are your eyes burning yet?

With approximately 1 billion bikes built for land on a planet that is over two-thirds water, the time has come for a revolution in cycling and water sports. Now there’s another place to spin your wheels….or rather propeller.

The Schiller S1 is leading the way with its bold (dare we say, “sexy”) design, premium components and lightweight frame that takes under 10 minutes to go from car to water. No matter your athletic ability, it’s easy to look great while you Schiller across the water

So why ride around the lake when you can pedal your bike over water? Our Schiller S1 Kickstarter campaign launches this month and includes a special early-bird price to spur you into rockin’ any ocean, cove, lake, river, channel or canal. .

Learning curve? Zilch. If you know how to ride a bike, well, you still do. Easy to ride and when you’re done, simple to stash. Unlike almost any other watercraft, the Schiller S1 easily fits into the closet of an urban dweller and the trunks of most cars.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

While you’re daydreaming, visualize this: pedaling the amazing Playa Danta in Costa Rica alongside sea turtles and secluded beaches. More of a city dweller? How about riding up the Hudson this summer with the Manhattan skyline by your side…Inspired? So are we.