Take to the water with these super villian-style marine toys

Schiller Bike

It would be tempting to describe the experience as “just like riding a bike”, and yet piloting a Schiller Bike across shimmering blue water, like some giant water-skimming insect, is quite unlike that.

It’s a lot more like riding an exercise bike, which is basically what the Schiller is, with the detachable frame and pedals attached to a small timber platform and a couple of inflatable pontoons (the whole thing collapses down to fit in the back of your SUV). Only a million times more interesting.

Exercise bikes have the bonus of keeping you away from abusive motorists, aggressive cyclists and dozy pedestrians, of course, and are a pleasant enough way to burn calories but, out on ocean, breathing in the salty air and looking down at fish between your feet, it’s something else altogether.

A simple attachment allows you to power a little propellor, and turning it with the handle bars makes cornering, in wide, sweeping arcs, just like riding a bike, only far more pleasant. And a hundred times less onerous. If you must wear lycra, you still could (but please don’t), because you don’t even get wet.

Some people may even use them to commute, if they’re game to take on ferries and other big watercraft but what sounds more tempting is to ride your Schiller somewhere remote, drop the anchor and lay down on the (optional) removable deck to chill out with sun and waves.

Article source The ceo magazine